Good Cup

Good Cup

❤️ You can do a good deed taking coffee away. ❤️

With every take-away coffee, sold in our GOOD CUP, we will convey 0,1 PLN for charity.

We will  do one donation per month. What we are going to bankroll? Check our page or Facebooku

Terms of promotion “GOOD CUP” is available here.

SEPTEMBER 2017 – We donated 180 PLN to Rescue children with cancer Przylądek Nadziei
OCTOBER 2017 – We donated 203 PLN to Fundacja Rak’n’Roll Wygraj Życie
NOVEMBER 2017 – We donated 388 PLN to Fundacja DKMS
JANUARY 2018 – is the  Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity month,  that’s why we donated 5% of the sale of January 14 and we also donate the money we got from the sale of Good Cup. It was exactly 194 PLN.
FEBRUARY 2018 – February is the month of lovers and we should care about our hearts, that’s why we donate 166 PLN to  Fundację Rozwoju Kardiochirurgii im. prof. Zbigniewa Religi 
MARCH 2018 – March is associated with women. Then we have Women’s Day, we support the fight for their rights in every field. That month we donated 201 PLN to  Fundacji Feminoteka 
APRIL 2018 – in April it gets warmer and warmer. Everything becomes green. Plants come to life. It’s fun to watch them at the beginning of spring. So we donated 189 PLN to  Fundację Nasza Ziemia 
MAY 2018 – that month we decided to take part in „Zwierzowtorki” organized by  Fundację Nasze Zoo. We donated 150 PLN.
JUNE 2018 – it’s summer time, that’s why we want to support children who can spend some days in a beautiful place, to feel some real, carefree holiday, so we donated 234 PLN to „Podaruj Wakacje Dzieciom”

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